Descriptions of the products exposed by the Arte Aurora Art Gallery on its website are accurate and are based on information provided by artists or suppliers of the products.All data included in each item card and/or your photo have a purely informative function, therefore, Arte Aurora Art Gallery declines any responsibility for the occurrence of errors in such information, while it undertakes to take all measures at its disposal to correct as soon as possible such errors or omissions after having been informed of them.



There are 2 options: Credit card, Bank transfer.

At the end of your purchase will always a confirmation by EMAIL, as well as information when your order has left. Review for the last time all the data and the items you want, making sure that everything is correct. You must read the terms of purchase and accept them (making sure that you have understood them) Arte Aurora Art Gallery declines all responsibility for problems with the payment system, having to go to the Bank that corresponds to resolve incidents that arise.



The exposed products prices are indicated excluding taxes that vary according to the country of destination. Transport/shipping and tax costs are always reflected separately and can be seen by the end of the purchase. Shipping costs calculation is based on a generic basis, over the inclusion of each item.



Being of limited editions, orders will be handled by rigorous order of receipt. If the case of unavailability of a product once placed the order and before the end of the process the sale in question, the customer will be informed by e-mail or telephone of the consignment or the cancellation of your order. If the charge to account had already been taken in time to give information concerning the unavailability of the product, a refund is performed by the corresponding amounts, informing the client about it by sending an e-mail. Such proceedings are brought, Arte Aurora Art Gallery will proceed to the reimbursement of the amount paid by the customer through the means of payment used for the purchase or indicating at the time and as soon as possible.



The shipping costs will be paid along with the final amount of the order. Orders will be supplied by the company of messaging. Arte Aurora Art Gallery has most of the stock exposed on the web. The works that are available to the author may have a delay in your shipment of up the Delivery times are computed on weekdays - Monday to Friday - since the messaging company does deliveries on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays.The Gallery of art Arte Aurora will hire insurance to solve problems that might arise from the malfunctioning of this service in seven days.



The buyer user will receive the order at the address listed for that purpose. Where there is an error in the recorded address, Arte Aurora Art Gallery declines all responsibility should contact user buyer directly with the courier company to provide the correct data of receipt of the order and, where appropriate, assume additional expenses that could have caused.The customer is responsible for the collection of a package not delivered on-site or not delivered by absences in the same. In these cases the courier company will leave a collection notice package which may be withdrawn in the relevant locality or District Office. The recipient of the request user will reject any package which reaches open. Arte Aurora Art Gallery is not responsible for the lack of content of any received packet opened and accepted and signed by the customer. The recipient user undertakes to ensure that there is always someone available for delivery or for rapid withdrawal of the merchandise from the courier company. The recipient user is responsible for the collection of a package not delivered on-site. Except for the case of causes unrelated to the client and attributed demonstrably to the courier company. If the merchandise is damaged the recipient user must notify immediately. Arte Aurora Art Gallery will not charge taxes of customs of the type that are in no event (tariffs, special EU tax or other taxes) that might have on shipments outside of the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands and/or State Spanish. Therefore if they generate, they will go to the user buyer.



Arte Aurora Art Gallery establishes the following callback procedure detailed below:

The partner shall have a period of 7 working days from the moment of its receipt to notify the return of your order or part of it. This notification should be generated by sending an e-mail to In the e-mail, you must specify the product code, the data of the client, contact telephone number and the reason for the return. Arte Aurora Art Gallery provide a return code so that the parcel company will collect it from that moment, the partner has a period of 3 days to send returned products. The product must be in perfect condition and with original labeling and packaging. Return cannot take place in any case if supplied products were clearly use, or if the packaging has been infringed somehow. It should not show writing, stickers or packing tape.

1.The return number must be clearly written on the outside where the shipping address indicated.

2. The return should be made through the company of delivering contracted by the Arte Aurora Art Gallery for that service.

3. The product must be in perfect condition and with original labeling and packaging. Return cannot take place in any case if the products supplied were manifestly object of use, or if the packaging has been infringed in some way. You should not have deeds, stickers or packing tape.

The user buyer is responsible for shipping back to our Office. If it's a callback by one our ERROR, to send a product other than the requested or by receipt of said article broken or in bad condition Arte Aurora Art Gallery assumes any type of transport cost (declines this cost to make the change you want to add to the package new products)(put that it considers new purchase). In any other case of return (not due to our error) transport costs shall be borne by the buyer user; soon received the return will be the payment of the purchase (excluding shipping charges) via the payment that has been used.



To answer any questions you may have about your order, about the present "Terms of purchase" or "General conditions", or to make any claim, return or suggestion, you can contact the following e-mail address: or also on our phone (0034) 627 864 011.



Arte Aurora Art Gallery reserves the right to modify, limit or cancel the "conditions of purchase" or the "General conditions" at any time and without prior notice, by mainstreaming on the website of the new conditions. "Conditions of purchase" and "General conditions" applicable shall be those in force at the time of confirmation compares it made.



Obligations established in the present "Buy conditions" as well as provisions of the "General conditions", will be enforced both by Arte Aurora Art Gallery all user purchaser that confirm the sale of the products on this website, constitute the "terms of purchase" and the "General conditions" the valid and enforceable contract of sale between the parties




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